Welcome to the Holly+ Zora Auction House! 🪄

This site allows anyone to submit artwork made with Holly+ for approval by the Holly+ DAO, a decentralized international group of friends and supporters who steward my digital twin.👭

Every season a new call for submissions is made, and approved works will be minted as 1/1 NFTs on a limited edition custom smart contract. Profits generated from those sales will be split 50% with the contributing artist, with 40% going to the Holly+ DAO Treasury to fund new tools, and 10% going to me for the use of my likeness. 🧮

Season 1 begins with the auction of the first Holly+ NFTs, two machine learning models, one of my speaking voice, and one of my raw singing voice, minted on a unique custom smart contract. The submission process is now open, and artworks approved by the Holly+ DAO will be minted on the custom contract and auctioned in a few weeks, bringing the genesis contract and season to a close. Once the contract is closed and sale is completed, the DAO will vote on how to use the funds to make new tools for season 2. 🦾

This process is both generative and collaborative; rather than randomly generating iterations, instead we are using machine learning tools to aid the generation of submissions from people! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Only Holly+ DAO approved submissions from the community will be minted on the genesis smart contract and that will be sealed on the day of final auction in a few weeks. Holly+ DAO may approve 1000, 100, 50 or 5 depending on the quality of submissions. 🪄

We hope to create a virtuous cycle ♾️ where artists are compensated for their experiments with

Holly+, new tools can get funded to allow more artists to experiment, and I receives some compensation for my contribution.

If those NFTs are resold on the secondary market, a 10% royalty will be split 50/40/10 between the original artist, Holly+ DAO and Holly too!

I hope that this model can help challenge the often pessimistic narrative around “deepfakes”, and encourage more people to become interested in performing works through the identity of others! 🥸 This technology is exciting and challenging, and rather than concentrating on ways to limit experimentation by artists I would rather find ways for everyone to have fun, get paid for officially approved work, and contribute to more tools being made!

Read more about the Holly+ project on Mirror

Submission Guidelines

Please make sure that you own the work that you are submitting! You can read more about the legal terms of your submission here.

Holly+ DAO will prioritise the most creative usage of Holly+ in considering what works to approve. Make something crazy!

Any work submitted remains yours to do whatever you like with! You can release it on an album, to streaming, online, whatever! I really appreciate if you credit Holly+ but that is at your discretion.

When submitting a work you are granting Holly+ DAO the right to mint that work as an NFT, and you will receive 50% of the profits from any sale made at auction. If your NFT is sold on the secondary market, you will receive 50% of a 10% royalty. Have fun y’all!

Terms & Conditions